Congressional District Contacts

Pennsylvania’s Members of Congress


Lou Barletta (R) (11th district) Website

Brendan Boyle (D) (13th district) Website

Bob Brady (D) (1st district) Website

Matt Cartwright (D) (17th district) Website

Ryan Costello (R) (6th district) Website

Charlie Dent (R) (15th district) Website

Michael F. Doyle (D) (14th district) Website

Dwight Evans (D) (2nd district) Website

Brian Fitzpatrick (R) (8th districtWebsite

Mike Kelly (R) (3rd districtWebsite

Tom Marino (R) (10th districtWebsite

Pat Meehan (R) (7th district) Website

Timothy F. Murphy (R) (18th districtWebsite

Scott Perry (R) (4th districtWebsite

Keith Rothfus (R) (12th districtWebsite

Bill Shuster (R) (9th districtWebsite

Lloyd Smucker (R) (16th districtWebsite

Glenn Thompson (R) (5th district) Website

By District

1st district  Bob Brady (D) (1998–Present)

2nd district  Dwight Evans (D) (2016–Present)

3rd district  Mike Kelly (R) (2011–Present)

4th district  Scott Perry (R) (2013–Present)

5th district  Glenn Thompson (R) (2009–Present)

6th district  Ryan Costello (R) (2015–Present)

7th district  Pat Meehan (R) (2011–Present)

8th district  Brian Fitzpatrick (R) (2017–Present)

9th district  Bill Shuster (R) (2001–Present)

10th district  Tom Marino (R) (2011–Present)

11th district  Lou Barletta (R) (2011–Present)

12th district  Keith Rothfus (R) (2013–Present)

13th district  Brendan Boyle (D) (2015–Present)

14th district  Michael F. Doyle (D) (1995–Present)

15th district  Charlie Dent (R) (2005–Present)

16th district  Lloyd Smucker (R) (2017–Present)

17th district  Matt Cartwright (D) (2013–Present)

18th district  Timothy F. Murphy (R) (2003–Present)

Pat Toomey | U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania
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Senator Bob Casey – U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania

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