Voter ID Rally News and Photos

Voter ID opponents rally on Capitol steps on the eve of a court hearing challenging the law’s constitutionality

Many articles were published about the Voter ID Rally held July 24th in Harrisburg, PA, in newspapers across Pennsylvania.

Scenes from the voter ID protests in Harrisburg [Video] (blog)
Several hundred opponents to the state Voter ID law took their case to the steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg on Tuesday. (Kimberly Paynter/for NewsWorks). Several hundred opponents to the state Voter ID law took their case to the steps of the State
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Voter ID Protest
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Voter ID Protest. A voter ID protest scheduled at the state Capitol Tuesday afternoon is likely to bring lots of heat to the already boiling issues surrounding Pennsylvania’s new law requiring photo IDs be shown in order to vote. For one thing, the thousand or so
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Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Commentary: Snyder’s voter ID veto was welcome, unexpected
The Detroit News
In light of all the regressive measures enacted by our Legislature over the past 18 months, Gov. Rick Snyder’s veto of a package of “voter ID” and registration reform bills was a welcome and unexpected occurrence. This legislation was nothing more than an
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Voter ID opponents rally on Capitol steps on the eve of a court hearing
More than 200 people from across the state gathered on the Capitol steps with an inflated Liberty Bell as a backdrop to protest the state’s Voter ID law on the eve of a Commonwealth Court hearing about its constitutionality. NAACP held a Voter ID rally
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Foes of state voter ID requirement rally
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
HARRISBURG — Opponents of the new state voter ID requirement rallied outside the Capitol this afternoon on the eve of a hearing on a challenge to the law. Commonwealth Court will hear arguments starting Wednesday from the ACLU of Pennslyvania and
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Déjà Vu in Texas VoterID Fight
The Root
In that case, what you see is what we’ve got: voter suppression. Thirty-three states, almost all of them Republican-controlled, now require some sort of voter ID. A decade ago, none did. A decade ago, there was no evidence of massive voter fraud. Today, there
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Other view: Voter ID is latest swing at disenfranchising America
Duluth News Tribune
The legislatures were undeterred by facts — compiled by the Brennan Center for Justice — that show instances of voter fraud because of fraudulent identity occur less frequently than deaths by lightning. Even so, 30 states have some voter photo ID law.
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Leach vows to fight new voter ID bill
Delaware County Daily Times
The GOP-backed voter ID bill has taken a lot of heat from Democrats and civil rights groups since it was signed into law by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in March. The law requires every voter to have a valid photo ID at the polls Nov. 6. State Sen. Anthony
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Hundreds protest voter ID day before court hearing
Hundreds of opponents of the commonwealth’s voter I-D law are voicing their anger. Members of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, the AARP, churches, and other groups rallied for two hours at the state Capitol Tuesday to protest the state’s voter ID law. Signs equating
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In Voter ID Lawsuit, Pennsylvania Admits They’ve Never Prosecuted or
With Wisconsin’s voter ID law tied up in court, and Indiana trending in the Republican direction after a 2008 Obama victory, the only state which will have a strong voice in the Presidential election that has a voter ID law on the books is Pennsylvania. There, at
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Obtaining A Voter ID Card
On Thursday though, Pennsylvania’s Voter I.D. law will be challenged in court after the Department of Justice opened an investigation. Democrats say they hope to be able to vote like they normally do in the general election, but they are still preparing all
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Ahead Of Voter ID Trial, Pennsylvania Admits There’s No In-Person Voter Fraud
As the Justice Department investigates Pennsylvania’s voter ID law on the federal level, a coalition of civil rights groups is gearing up for a state trial starting Wednesday examining whether the law is allowable under Pennsylvania’s constitution. In that case
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White House launches another racist ‘investigation’ of voter ID laws
Obama’s Justice Department has opened up yet another “investigation” into whether or not a state’s voter ID law disproportionately affects minorities, pretending that requiring free (or nearly free) state IDs for voting is somehow racist (which the overwhelming
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Annette John-Hall: Focusing outrage on the Voter ID law
Philadelphia Inquirer
Last week, I wondered if anyone was as outraged as I was about Pennsylvania’s outlandish Voter ID law, which stomps all over our right to vote, supposedly to combat fraud – that is, if said fraud can ever be found. I just couldn’t believe that voters of every
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Dept. of Justice launches investigation into Voter ID Law
WJAC Johnstown
The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law. The agency specifically wants to know whether or not the requirement disproportionately affects minority voters, claims made by groups like the NAACP and
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Eric Holder’s New Fight Against Voter ID
The American Prospect
Yesterday, Eric Holder opened a new front in his fight to preserve voting rights, as the Department of Justice announced that it would launch an investigation into Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. The attorney general has been an outspoken critic of the strict new
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One Lawyer’s Take on the #VoterID Arguments
Keystone Politics
There has been a growing trend among states to enact voter ID laws, which have fomented controversy with accusations of Republican legislatures disenfranchising different classes of voters that typically support Democratic candidates. According to the
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Keep Up With the New Voter I.D. Changes
Voters heading to the polls this fall will find the new Voter I.D. law in place all across Pennsylvania. Many have heard by now they’ll need to have identification to exercise their right, but few can keep up with the ever-changing rules regarding the update. And
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DOJ Probes Voter ID; Supporters Say No Fraud Has Occurred
With the trial against Voter ID set to begin tomorrow, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has launched a formal federal investigation into the state’s ID law to determine whether it discriminates against minorities. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune
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Locals join protest of voter ID
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Ron Felton, center, president of the Wilkes-Barre chapter of the NAACP, and other members of the group board a bus Tuesday to join a protest against the state’s new voter ID legislation. Select images available for purchase in the. Times Leader Photo Store
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Wilkes Barre Times-Leader


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Wisconsin Republican: Voter ID law could help Romney win | The
By Eric W. Dolan
Glenn Grothman (R) said Sunday that a voter ID law could help Mitt Romney win the state in the upcoming November election, implying that voter fraud only benefited Democrats. “I think we believe that insofar as there are inappropriate things,
The Raw Story


Both Parties Wrong On Voter Fraud: Voter ID Laws Won’t End
By Noah Rothman
In a segment on MSNBC on Tuesday, two political operatives rehearsed their familiar parroting of political talking points in the debate over voter identification laws. Both sides of the debate are benefiting from the topic with each party’s base


Ahead Of Voter ID Trial, Pennsylvania Admits Voter Fraud Doesn’t
By Alan
A stipulation agreement with lawyers for the plaintiffs says there “have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or
Alan Colmes’ Liberaland


Protest rally sets stage for Pa. voter ID hearing | theGrio
By Peter Jackson, Associated Press
Benjamin T. Hailey, the president of the Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention, speaks during an NAACP-organized rally on the Capitol steps protesting the state’s tough, new voter identification law on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in Harrisburg,


Voter ID Law Support Linked to Attitudes About African Americans
By Henry Wolff
Voter ID Law Support Linked to Attitudes About African Americans, Study Finds. Gene Demby, Huffington Post, July 19, 2012. A new study has found that support for voter ID laws, especially among those who lean Democratic, is linked to one’s
American Renaissance


The Political Environment: Voter ID Is All About Race, And…
By James Rowen
First of all, hat tip to James Causey for highlighting the results of a study that links strength of support for Voter ID (read: Voter Suppression) to negative attitudes towards African-Americans. And to Barbara Miner for an earlier post, too.
The Political Environment


AUDIO: WI GOP Senator Glenn Grothman: Voter I.D. would help Mitt
By GottaLaff
In an interview with ThinkProgress on Sunday, the number-two Republican senator argued that voter ID could be a boon for Republicans’ electoral prospects if the controversial law, which was recently blocked in state court, is reinstated in
The Political Carnival


New Voter I.D. Cards to be Issued « CBS St. Louis
By Bill Reker
St. Louis Election officials say it’s due to redistricting.
CBS St. Louis


Cagle Post » Voter ID
By John Cole
Comics, Political Cartoons & Editorial Commentary on the latest news and events around the world.
Cagle Post


Democracy NC Director: Opposition to Voter ID Goes Beyond Party
By annelise
The fight over photo voter ID laws is far from over. Even in states such as North Carolina, where a Republican-controlled General Assembly recently failed to override Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s 2011 veto of a photo voter ID bill, state
News21 Voting Rights Blog


New Voter ID in Pennsylvania is a Load of Bull, Done. | Daily Agenda
By Shruti Sehgal
The New Voter ID restrictions in Pennsylvania could prevent 1.4 million registered people minorities from getting to the election polls, but it looks like the ACLU and Viviette Applewhite already have some of their leg work cut out for them.
Daily Agenda


Voter ID rally held at the Capitol in Harrisburg |
By The Associated Press
The new law requires all Pennsylvania voters to present an acceptable form of photo ID before their votes can be counted.
Breaking Midstate News with The…


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about voter ID laws
By Suevon Lee, ProPublica
With voter ID laws becoming a political flashpoint in what’s gearing up to be a close election year, ProPublica looks at the facts behind the laws and breaks down the issues at the heart of the debate.


Republican revolution being thwarted by democratic voter ID efforts
By Jackie Wellfonder
Democrats complain about voter ID laws pushed by Republicans nationally, yet seem content on using the same questionable efforts against their political nemeses. ( “This November, we are confident that Maryland voters will
Jackie Wellfonder – Raging Against…


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Voter ID laws
By (Michael Olson)
Voter IDs laws have become a political flashpoint in what’s gearing up to be another close election year. Supporters say the laws — which 30 states have now enacted in some form — are needed to combat voter fraud, while critics see them as


The Voter ID Laws: Based On Lies And A Denial Of The Voting
By Ronald
Many states, all controlled by Republican Governors and legislatures, are systematically violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in an attempt to fix the.
The Progressive Professor


Feds investigating PA voter ID law | Front Porch Politics
The letter from Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez seeks a variety of records related to the implementation of the voter ID, which was passed in March and is set to take effect before the November election. Among the items Perez is
Front Porch Politics


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about voter ID laws
By Suevon Lee
Voter IDs laws have become a political flashpoint: Supporters say the laws — which 30 states have now enacted — are needed to combat voter fraud, while critics see them as a tactic to disenfranchise voters.
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Do We Need a New Voting Rights Act?
By Abby Rapoport, American Prospect
The counties—both in states with new voterID laws—argue that the provision violates the Tenth Amendment, which gives states the right to regulate elections. Furthermore, they claim it unfairly gives states different levels of sovereignty by
RealClearPolitics – Homepage


Voter ID Trial Begins! | Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia
By taylor
Voter ID Trial Begins! The Law Center and our partners begin trial today in Commonwealth Court on our motion for preliminary injunction. Updates soon to come! Trial Schedule: Courtroom 3002, Pennsylvania Judicial Center
Public Interest Law Center of…


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Justice Department eyes Pennsylvania voterID – The Maddow Blog
Pennsylvania isn’t the only state where Republicans created a voterID law to suppress the vote in 2012, but it’s one of the more offensive examples. By some…/12925327-justice-departme…