Youth and College Goals 2019-20


2019-2020 Goals

Given the conditions in Pennsylvania, The Youth and College Division of the NAACP PA State Conference has set the following agenda as its focus for the next 18 months:

A continued effort against Gun Violence Prevention is one of our main objectives. We will continue advocating for the passage of common sense gun legislation federally and locally, while also educating people on the intersections of criminal justice reform and gun violence prevention; highlighting the impact of gun violence on communities that do not receive adequate education resources and social services. Lastly, our recommendation is for Governor Wolf to call for a task force to study gun violence and come up with suggestions for how to combat gun violence in PA.

The Youth and College will also aim to improve community/law enforcement relations. The PA Youth and College will continue to hosts various community events that allow community members to engage with local law enforcement, to support healthy relationship building between the two. We are tracking HB1538, as we know it will impact these relationships. The strength of our community is reflected through sharing resources and building alliances. The PA Youth and College understands that we can achieve more collectively than we can as individuals. Our community resources will be utilized to the fullest as we push to increase membership and involvement.

Additionally a statewide push to reactivate noncompliant chapters while providing resources ,support and punctual information. A re energized investment into the PA Youth and College conference has been set forth. We plan to connect young people with positive programs and events happening throughout the state. Our collegiate chapters will be tasked with moving millennial to the polls while our youth units will be educating their peers on the importance of the association and encouraging membership.

Finally we will, focus on voter education/registration. We will be advocating for the restoration of the VRA nationwide, and consistently educating people on the importance of taking part in the electoral process.