First Quarterly Meeting Highlights

Date: February 4, 2020
To: Unit Presidents and Executive Committee
From: Kenneth L. Huston, President
Subject: First Quarterly Meeting Highlights

I thank all of the unit presidents and leadership who attended the first quarterly meeting on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at Millersville University. For those of you who were unable to attend, you missed a great beginning. Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend the Second Quarterly Meeting on Saturday, April 18, 2020. The details will be released very soon, but please begin to discuss preparation on attending now.

Highlights of the First Quarterly Meeting!
• The session began with a press conference. The press release from that press conference is attached.

• Following the press conference was a candid talk to presidents. Included as part of the talk was a discussion on how important it is for branches to be compliant. That means having memberships of at least 50 and completing the financial annual report by March 1, 2020. Additionally, state assessments are to be paid. It is important for units to send in activity reports to the president so it can be determined what is going on, what are the problem areas, and what items the State Conference as a whole should address.

• Presidents or representatives from your branch are asked to make every effort to attend State Conference quarterly meetings. It is important that every unit is represented. The information that is received should be taken back to units so that members can become even more engaged in the work of NAACP.

• Training was presented by Mid-Atlantic Regional Field Director Jonathan McKinney on many topics from the National Bylaws. He emphasized the roles of officers and committee chairs. Two field directors from the Youth and College Division were also in attendance. Derrick Lewis, II and Russell Boyd, II, provided information as it relates to inter-generational relationships. It was great to have these presenters, staff from the National Office, to provide training and answer questions.

• The Youth and College Division did have an election, but still need to get a secretary and treasurer to complete their officers.

• Following the training, lunch was provided to all in attendance.

• The Executive Committee concluded the day with its meeting.

Please know that the work of the Executive Committee during the first quarter of the new administration has been familiarizing itself with expectations through the transition. We are now all in place as to how we should function and are positioned to provide a greater service to units. I have designated my vice presidents to oversee different areas of the Commonwealth. The western region will be overseen by Third Vice President Phyllis Waller, the central region will be overseen by First Vice President Blanding Watson, and the eastern region will be overseen by Second Vice President Diana Robertson. Each of them will be contacting the presidents within their areas they should be the first point of contact with problems, needing assistance or information.

Additionally, the website has been revamped and the Communications Committee will make sure that pertinent information is being placed on the website. Please regularly check your emails and website (

This is a new year, new decade, and new administration. The NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference is striving to do all things in a more excellent way!