Historic Court Victory Advocates for Equitable Education Funding in Pennsylvania

NAACP PA State Conference’s unchallenged lawsuit win fuels efforts for fair education resources for all Pennsylvania children.

HARRISBURG, PA – A significant court victory led by the NAACP PA State Conference marks a milestone in the fight for educational equity for Pennsylvania’s children. The lawsuit, unchallenged by an appeal from the GOP, calls for fair funding in Pennsylvania public schools and sets a strong precedent for educational justice as of July 21.

The NAACP PA State Conference, The Public Interest Law Center, and the NAACP national office reaffirms their commitment to systemic change. This alliance works tirelessly to ensure that the Legislature prioritizes equitable resources for all Pennsylvania students in public schools.

In a profound reflection on this victory, Ms. Sherry Washington, NAACP State Conference Education Chair, said, “This is not just a legal victory; it is a moral imperative. As the verdict marks a historic turning point in the fight for equitable education, it serves as a reminder that united efforts can bring about transformative change. We call on the Pennsylvania government, education leaders, lawmakers, and citizens to take swift and decisive action to rectify these inequities. It is time to mobilize as a unified force to ensure that every child in Pennsylvania receives an equitable education, regardless of their background or the neighborhood they come from. Together, we can shape a future where every child’s dreams are nurtured, and opportunities know no boundaries. Let us seize this historic moment to create lasting change in our educational system and be part of the movement for education equality.”

The Joint Statement from Education Law Center – PA Public Interest Law Center, and O’Melveny reiterates the significance of this victory: “It is time for our leaders in Harrisburg to work together to comply with the court’s ruling and fulfill their duty to deliver that constitutional system of public education. Our school children cannot wait any longer.”

About the NAACP PA State Conference: The NAACP PA State Conference is a leading advocate for civil rights in Pennsylvania. It strives to ensure political, educational, social, and economic equality for all citizens and to eliminate racial prejudice. This recent court win is a testament to their ongoing commitment to fostering a society where equal rights are granted to all, irrespective of race.

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