Our Work

   Standing Committees    Monthly Meeting Date/Time/Location
   ACT-SO    2nd Wednesday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs    2nd Tuesday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Communications, Press and Publicity
   Community Coordination
   Criminal Justice
   Economic Development
   Education    3rd Tuesday, 6:30pm via Zoom
   Environmental and Climate Justice
   Freedom Fund    Last Tuesday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Health    3rd Thursday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Housing    2nd Wednesday, 8:00pm
   Labor & Industry
   Legal Redress    4th Monday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Political Action    Last Thursday, 6:30pm via Zoom
   Prison Branch    1st Thursday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Religious Affairs    3rd Monday, 7:00pm via Zoom
   Women in NAACP (WIN)    2nd Tuesday, 7:00 – 8:15pm via Zoom
   Young Adult    3rd Thursday, 3:00pm via Zoom

   For additional information email naacppastateconference@gmail.com.

Branch Website Links

Allentown Branch – https://naacpallentown.org/ Monroe County Branch – www.monroecountynaacp.org
Beaver County Branch – https://www.beavercountynaacp.org/ Reading Branch – https://www.readingnaacp.org/
Bethlehem Branch – https://bethnaacp.org/ Schuylkill Branch – https://www.schuylkillnaacp.org
Blair County Branch – https://blairconaacp.org/ Washington County Branch – https://naacpwashpa.org/
Bucks County Branch – https://www.naacpbucks.org/ West Chester Branch – https://wcpanaacp.org/
Coatesville Area Branch https://www.chesconaacp.org/
Willow Grove Branch – https://wgnaacp.org/
Coraopolis Branch – https://www.coraopolisnaacp.org/
Erie Branch – https://www.naacperie.org/