Established in 1934

The NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference has been in existence for eighty-nine years.  As a constituent and subordinate unit of the Association, the State Conference works diligently to carry out the mission of the NAACP which is to “achieve equity, political rights, and social inclusion by advancing policies and practices that expand human and civil rights, eliminate discrimination, and accelerate the well-being, education, and economic security of Black people and all persons of color.”

The NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference began with a group of members meeting at a residence on Juniata Street in Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. This was the residence of Dr. George A. Walker and his wife Agnes. There were nine people in attendance. Among this group was Mrs. Daisy Lampkin of Pittsburgh, who was the NAACP Field Director, member of the NAACP National Board and Vice President of the Pittsburgh Courier newspaper. Others present were Dr. and Mrs. George A. Walker, Mrs. Sophie B. Nelson, a school teacher and civil rights worker from Pittsburgh, Charles R. Brown, postal worker from Hollidaysburg. John C. Jones of Pittsburgh, Dr. James A. Gillespie and John B. Campbell, both of New Castle. Mrs. Lampkin was a key person at this meeting. She outlined the duties and responsibilities of the State Conference, explained organizational procedures and made suggestions about how the State Conference could assist the National Office in achieving the objectives of the Association.   Early objectives included providing support to the National Office in its efforts to end injustices and bigotry throughout the nation, as well as securing voting rights for all citizens and putting an end to mob violence and lynching. On the state level, emphasis was placed on organizing new local branches, and securing fair housing and fair employment.

Since its inception, the following individuals have served as President of the Pennsylvania State Conference.  They are as follows:

Sophie B. Nelson, Pittsburgh Branch
Dr. James A. Gillespie, Pittsburgh Branch
Dr. George A. Walker,  Hollidaysburg Branch
Charles A. Brown, Hollidaysburg Branch
Dr. Harry Green, Philadelphia Branch
Joshua O. Thompson, Ambler Branch
Dr. Burrell R. Johnson, Johnstown Branch
Henry R. Smith, Esquire, Pittsburgh Branch
Louis E. Waller, Washington Branch
Dr. Fred L. Vaughns, Uniontown Branch
Dr. Charles H. Butler, Coatesville Branch
Thomas A. Smith, Jr., Johnstown Branch
Richard P. Burton, Sr., Allentown Branch

Charles T. Stokes, Pittsburgh Branch
John Shelton, Sr., Chester Branch
Burrell A. Brown, Esquire, Clairton Branch
Thomas A. Smith, Jr., Bethlehem Branch
J. Wyatt Mondesire, Philadelphia Branch
Dwayne D. Jackson, Sr., Harrisburg Branch
Dr. Joan Duvall Flynn, Media Branch
Blanding Watson, Lancaster Branch
Kenneth L. Huston, Allegheny East Branch

Blanding Watson, Lancaster Branch
Sandra Thompson, Esquire, York Branch
Stacey Taylor, Reading Branch