With the upcoming primary election on June 2, 2020, emphasis must continue to be placed on the
importance of voting. There are both local and state positions in which candidates are promoting their
campaigns. One of those races on the state level that does not often get discussed is the position of
Auditor General. This virtual Candidates Forum sponsored by the NAACP Pennsylvania State
Conference and to be moderated by President Kenneth L. Huston.

The candidates invited to participate are Nina Ahmad, Tracie Fountain, Christina M. Hartman, H. Scott
Conklin, Michael Lamb, and Rose Marie Davis. It is important for constituents to understand the
significance of this position which impacts all Pennsylvanians. The position of Auditor General is
described as the “chief fiscal watchdog of the Commonwealth which is responsible for using audits to
ensure that all state money is spent legally and properly.” With the potential of serving a maximum
of two four-year terms, the “mission of the Department of the Auditor General is to serve the people
of Pennsylvania by improving government accountability, transparency, and the effective use of
taxpayer dollars.”
During this unprecedented time of experiencing the devastating influence of the COVID-19 pandemic,
and the uncertainty of any future outbreaks, it is critical to understand how candidates propose to
effectively fulfill the responsibility of Auditor General.